The Orcan Wald Confederacy

What do we know? Not much. We know that there are Orcs. We know that they live here.

There are Orcs in the free cities of Soloscity and East Bight. From discussions that some have managed to have there are at least 2 factions of Orcs. They are called, in a rough translation, Light Blight and Dark Blight – though whether this translates as dark is evil and light is good or maybe the colour of their skin or that they live above and below ground… Almost no one knows. There are those on Solos who know more. Of note is the fact that Some Orcs trade in Soloscity, in the Pan Halderian Lands and in the Ricker Kritarchy. None have seen any magic users in amongst those Orcs that appear in trading posts but when magic is performed in front of Orcs there has been no flicker of surprise.

Of note, though they don’t appear to be skilled miners, they do ship a lot of basic elements that are useful in production of other, more complex items.

Official Language: Orcsh
Recognised Regional Languages: Common Tongue?
Ethnic Groups: Orcs 99%
Government: Confederacy
Patron God: Unknown, probably many, probably evil
Preferred Magic: Unknown, probably evil
Major Exports: Basic weaponry, basic armour. Rocks, ore, precious metals, sand. Honeycomb (strange but true)

At War Dwarven Cragmire, Barony of Lord Hart, Alteria Glamwarden Illianiosan Republic, Plavo
Uneasy TruceDwarven Halderia
Trading Partners Free City of Solos (Soloscity), Ricker Kritarchy, Pan Halderian Lands

The Orcan Wald Confederacy

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