Government District

The Seat of Power

This is the district where you will find the government and those that sit on the council. Solos city is ruled by the people that own it. If you own land in the boundaries of Soloscity then you might find yourself on the council. The problem lies in that only 15 families do own land here.

There are 5 known Human members

  • Grey Arbuckle
  • James Wainwright
  • Frances O’Grady
  • Robert Gravesend
  • Elizabeth Connolly

There are 4 known Dwarven members

  • Duggous DarkHalls
  • Fathom Orcsbane
  • Furious Halfbeard
  • Grey GraniteTooth

There are 2 known Elven members

  • Tuwaindriall
  • Allissiandiar

Though there are rules about how many members may be represented by a proxy, there are 4 members of the council who are not known.


Government District

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