Barony of Lord Hart

The land to the South of Soloscity is ruled by Lord Hart. Though he has a private council, it is run by his whim. It is, for the most part, a civil place but highly militarised.

There is a draft for young men and women between the ages of 16 and 21. These are not meant to fight but act as sentinels at the border. Professional soldiers do act as sergeants and officers at the borders but the main army stays at the Fortress City of Hart Ridge

Official Language: Common Tongue
Ethnic Groups: Human 67%, Dwarf 22%, Elven 9% (half-elves 8%, Elves 1%, Eladrin <1%), Halflings 2%
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Patron God: Pelor, Kord, Bane
Preferred Magic: Arcane
Major Exports: Advanced weaponry, advanced armour. Clothing, linens, woolens,

At War The Orcan Wald Confederacy, Free Port of East Bight
Uneasy TruceAlteria Glamwarden Illianiosan Republic, Pan Halderian Lands
Trading PartnersDwarven Cragmire, Dwarven Halderia, Free City of Solos (Soloscity), Ricker Kritarchy

Barony of Lord Hart

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