The Continent-Island of Solos

You are currently in the city of Soloscity, a thriving metropolis in the far West of the continent-island of Solos.

As the morning starts you are headed towards the Merchants’ District of Soloscity, approaching the district, you can hear the sound growing increasingly more loud. It doesn’t matter how you approach the market place called The 4 Corners, the noise here is the one item that they couldn’t sell even if they tried. The day is early, not more than an hour after sunrise and already there are hundreds of stalls where you will find anything and everything from Bone Falchions and other exotic weapons to toughened bear skins used as armour in the grim Southern wastes; from Torpin dust, a delectable delight in eastern food, to Mandrake Tail, from which you can hear the merchant chanting a strange expression, ‘tastes like Chi’iken‘, but as we all know, the Chi’iken is a mythical beast with a hard beak, sharpened claws, wings and is as fat as an orc; no one has ever seen one, never mind tasted one, and lived to tell the tale.

You are alone, and whatever it was that drew you to the market, you are here now and you know that you need to resupply. You still have gold from your previous adventures. You had thought about taking a break but since you got to the city, you have been living the high life and you’ve been thinking that a break from civilisation—

Ignatius Rock