Soloscity People of Import

Major: Grey Arbuckle is the current major in Soloscity. He is the first of his line to hold this office. He has been a fair and generous leader. He is in his final year of 5 to serve in office. He is 46 years old and is ready for his time to end. Under his guidance, the unelect have forged a new relationship with the Ricker Kritarchy and formed an alliance with Dwarven Cragmire even while trading with Dwarven Halderia.

Bishop of Moradin: Cleric of Moradin Firenze, Dwarf, Blacksmith, Forge of Moradin in Temple Bar

Bishop of Erathis: Cleric of Erathis Valna, Elf, Judge, Hall of Reason in Temple Bar

Bishop of Pelor: Paladin of Pelor Ronin the Great, Human Warrior, Temple of Pelor in Temple Bar

Bishop of Avandra: Priest of Avandra Tiefling, Shrine of the Adventurer in Temple Bar

Other Paladins currently in residence:
Kathrya, Paladin of Moradin, Dwarf, Forge of Moradin in Temple Bar
Galinndan, Paladin of Corellon, Eladrin, Grove of Eladrin in Temple Bar
Chienna, Paladin of Sehanine, Halfling, usually found at ‘The Inn of The Performer’ in the Theater District

Soloscity People of Import

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