All roads lead to Soloscity, eventually, but only when they’ve avoided it as long as possible.

Soloscity is the place where you can buy nearly everything but the best.
You can buy nearly the best swords here, you can find only the most average horses, food that, hopefully, will not kill you, above average jewelery sold by the most unpleasant stall-holders and glass-work fit for a slightly wealthy and mean spirited merchant’s wife.

Because you can buy nearly anything here, it is also a the most likely place on Solos finding employment of any kind for an adventurer, for finding out information, for buying passage on a ship, worshiping at the temple of your god and buying magical items (they’ll work, almost guaranteed)

Official Language: Common Tongue
Recognised Regional Languages: Elven, Orcsh, Dwarven, Draconic,
Ethnic Groups: Human 32.2%, Dwarf 20%. Elven 15.2% (half-elves 9.8%, Elves 5.1%, Eladrin 0.3%), Orcs 15%, Halflings 12.1%, Dragonborn 5.5%
Government: Timocracy
Patron God: Moradin, Erathis, Avandra
Preferred Magic: Arcane, Divine
Soloscity People of Import

The map of Soloscity


1: Government District
2: Merchants District
3: Harbor District
4: Residential Districts
5: Low Districts
6: Warehouse District
7: Theater District
8: Temple Bar


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