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The Continent-Island of Solos

The continent-island of Solos is a huge land surrounded by oceans. There are many races that live on this land from Humans to Elves, from Dwarven kind to Orcan.

Each of the races live in their own countries but there are meeting places all over the continent. Each of these place is a major city in their own right. There are wars between each of these countries, sometimes just an imbalance of trade exists but other times there is all out war.

Soloscity, a thriving metropolis in the far West of Solos, is a Human city known for its trade and total neutrality. There are even non-humans on the city board. The city is divided into certain districts the primary of which is the Merchant’s District which holds the largest market on the West of Solos: the market place called The 4 Corners. This is fed, in part, by goods shipped in and brought to the market through the Harbor District. Other areas of of interest are the Government District and the Temple Bar.

North of Soloscity is Dwarven Cragmire which is a predominantly Human domain but which holds the Cragmire which is a Dwarven city. Cragmire is run by Dwarvenkind and rules by a council of Dwarven elders.

South of Soloscity is Barony of Lord Hart. Self styled Baron Hart is the monarch for the country. He is a despot who rose through the ranks of the military when the Orcs were expanding out of the Orcanwald. He took power away from the elected representatives from the senate and led a decisive campaign driving the invaders out of their lands. He has since turned half of the land into a militarily run dictatorship while those who live in the cities see almost no military, barely any police and very little crime. Other races are barely tolerated there.

To the west is the Orcanwald Confederacy. Little enough is known of this land other than its borders, its people and its terribleness.

Main Page

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